Green Weddings

OxTreeGen try to help many people either reduce the impact they have on the planet, or offset their carbon footprint if reduction is not an option. Our Green Wedding packages offer couples a way to lower the environmental impact of their wedding hassle free.


Why should you consider a Green Wedding?

Climate change and the issues we face are becoming more apparent and some people are looking for simple and effective means to reduce their impact on the planet. Just making a few small changes and actually thinking about what we do before we do it can be enough, but we can always go one step further.

Events, such as weddings and engagement parties consume a lot of resources and produce excessive amounts of waste. Many couples are now looking to provide a unique and distinctive experience for themselves and their guests, and mark it in a way that can benefit the planet for generations

Creating a ‘green’ and ethical wedding not only sets you apart from others, but also benefits the planet, which in turn can also be communicated to guests to further raise awareness, not to mention potentially saving money.

We have developed a range of packages that can help reduce the impact your wedding has on the planet and serve as a lasting dedication to you, your family and your very special day.

We also offer bespoke packages to suit your requirements, simply email us here at OxTreeGen at

Green wedding  tree gifts with OxTreeGen

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