Living Legacy Woodland 


OxTreeGen’s  Plant a Living Legacy Campaign is a great way to get involved and help leave a positive impact on the planted for generations to come. Our flagship Living Legacy Woodland is in Oxfordshire, Olly-Wood, with another being created in Warwickshire early in 2012.  We are also creating small pockets of Living Legacy Woodlands throughout the UK in support of Help for Heroes, Against Breast Cancer and the NHS Forest. We are working with individuals, businesses and organisations to help re-establish tree cover levels throughout the UK.  

Why get involved?

The average woodland cover in Europe is 44% - but currently England only has 13% coverage.  Oxfordshire has even less at only 7% and has half the regional average.

The carbon benefits of tree planting are just a small part of the bigger picture with the woodland standing as a symbol of all our efforts to make a positive change to our environment .

Aside from carbon absorption trees offer a multitude of benefits : improved air quality, reduced soil erosion, reduced flood risk and they create a place to interact with nature which gives pleasure, provides recreation and is known to have a positive impact on long-term health and happiness.

How you can get involved:

Tree Gifts:
Buy one of our great tree dedication gifts to help create a permament reminder of a special occasion or choose one of our charity tree gifts in support of Help for Heroes, Against Breast Cancer, Viva or the NHS Forest. 

Fone Twigs:
Treecycle your old mobile phones with us and we will plant a tree for each handset received, regardless of its condition. You will receive a certificate with your tree details.  

If you live in Oxfordshire or have a connection why not ask us about OLLY-Wood. Oxford United and Oxford University have partnered with Fone Twigs to launch a campaign to create, OLLY-Wood, a new woodland in Oxfordshire.  OLLY-Wood represents the people’s passion and support for all things Oxfordshire, from symbolising an undying faith to Oxford United through to businesses wanting to invest in Oxfordshire’s environmental future.

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