Planting Trees for your Business with OxTreeGen

What makes us different from the rest?

OxTreeGen plant, manage and protect all the trees in our projects. This allows us to have full control over all projects and for the trees to have the best rate of survival to benefit us for generations to come. All our sites are carefully selected and are not suitable for arable or livestock production, thus maintaining the area of land available to provide food for us in the future. Our tree planting sites often add other benefits to the local environment, such as the reduction in soil erosion, replacing fallen or damaged trees and enhancing the local natural bio-diversity.

OxTreeGen intend to apply for all our projects to be covered under the Woodland Carbon Code. Projects that we know will not qualify will still be planted using the guidlines they provide.

Why is planting trees and sequestering carbon great for your business?



  • Cost-Effective:  A competitive way to reduce your net emissions, and to support UK emissions reduction targets


  • Reassurance:  You will be contributing to UK woodland creation projects delivering benefits that your customers can see


  • Confidence: Measurement, reporting and verification processes associated with the Code are robust and deliver genuine carbon sequestration.


  • Wise Investment:  Reliable returns in the long-term, counter-cyclical to other investments; Broaden your investment portfolio – Ideal for ‘patient’ sustainable investments.


  • Standards:  You will be able to show that you have invested in an approved carbon sequestration project that meets national standards.


  • Responsible: An effective way of addressing corporate and social responsibility objectives


  • Leadership:  Demonstrate leadership in high quality environemental investment


        • Demonstrable: Ability to demonstrate investment in sustainable projects which not only sequester carbon but also provide a range of social and environmental benefits such as:


Benefits to wildlife and biodiversity
Opportunities for varied recreation
Enhance the local landscape or restore degraded landscapes 
Provide shelter for animals or humans depending on location
Provide a source of woodfuel as an alternative to fossil fuels 
Provide timber which can then also continue to store carbon in long-lasting timber products
Protect water and soils

Regulate temperatures in urban areas





We offer a range of packages to suit your business ranging from single trees to whole woodlands. What ever your budget and carbon footprint, OxTreGen can offer a solution.

So to plant trees to mitigate the effect your business has on the environment and put something back into your local community call free on 0808 178 0703 or mail us at for more details.

STL Communications helping to improve their local Oxfordshire environment with The Breathing Planet.

Staff from STL Communications in Oxfordshire taking a morning out and 
planting trees for their Christmas e-card program for 2009

Our carbon calculator is currently under development and will be here soon.