Climate Change, Green House Gases, Polar Ice Caps melting, Global Warming, what does it all mean and how might it affect me?

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For years we have heard about the threat of climate change, the fact the sea levels are rising, the disastrous floods, the heat waves and the destruction this leads to. We are then told this is only the start of it! But what is it, the start of what? To most people it’s something that’s just on the news, or an article in the paper or on the radio. Most people what to do something to help but are not sure where to start or even wonder if their small contribution is worth it?

Well is it worth it? Is it happening? Is it easy to do your bit, no matter how big or small? The answer to all three is YES! But do something today, not tomorrow!

Making changes today will undoubtedly help make a difference to tomorrow, but we have to do it now, stop thinking about it but actually do it, start enjoying the fact you are trying, encourage your family or colleagues to do something, follow some of our simple tips that can really make a difference to the level of carbon emissions you are responsible for.

What is Climate Change?
Climate Change is probably the largest threat to the natural world and will have a huge impact.........

What is The Greenhouse Effect?
The Earth has one primary energy source, the sun, it’s................

The Causes of Climate Change
Human activity is increasing the amount of greenhouse gases in the.......

The Effects of Climate Change
People are causing global warming by burning fossil fuels......





Recycle your old mobile phone today, and plant trees.

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