OxTreeGen assists companies and individuals to understand how planting trees in the UK can help slow the progress of climate change whilst creating new woodlands throughout the UK. The services and products we offer range from: dedicating trees in support of national and local charities to the carbon balancing of an entire organisation’s annual emissions.

For your Business:

To support businesses through this transition period we have developed a range of services and products through our OXCRI proposition. This is a scheme to assist companies : optimise their green credentials, understand new legislation, report against their GHG's and include as a positive approach to their annual carbon statement whilst creating a new network of people facing the same challenge, and of course plant some trees!  

Some of the benefits:

  • Use our logos to help communicate to your customer base
  • Have a link on our partner page including your logo
  • Assessment of your operational carbon footprint including offset options
  • Promoting your green credentials
  • Preparing you for future “green” legislation
  • Get your foot on the Carbon Reduction ladder
  • Market your green credentials
  • Depending of your membership level you will receive an number of Carbon Credits to balance some or all of your residual emissions either becoming or working toward Carbon Neutral Status

Our tree planting services for larger organisations not only mitigates carbon emissions but also provides a very useful tool to help them engage with their customers on a local level.  

Our tree planting projects here in the UK can now be tested by the UK's new Woodland Carbon Code (WCC) , administered by the Forestry Commission.  This can help assure tree-planting sponsors that our schemes meet best standards for biodiversity, ecological impact, 'additionality' and carbon capture measurement, the Code is expected to stimulate much-needed woodland creation across the UK and you can be part of it today.

Looking for a great gift:

We also offer a range of tree dedication gift packs, gift cards and novelty gifts for retail customers who see the benefit of planting trees to the environment as well as the longevity of their gift. Each purchase results in a tree being planted in the UK; somewhere the customer can visit and see how their gift is growing.

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Treecycle your old mobile phones with Fones4Forests :

Fone Twigs is our Not For Profit side of our business. Fones4Forests is a mobile phone recycling scheme where we plant a tree for every old mobile phone we receive. This provides businesses with a no cost green marketing solution that engages their staff, offers planting days for customers to attend and can help differentiate their company from their competitors. Many companies use this as a first step towards engaging their staff in environmental projects.

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