OxTreeGen, helping the planet breathe.

OxTreeGen provides products and services to help reduce your CO2 emissions and provide quality options to reduce your carbon footprint through local UK based tree planting projects. We believe that carbon reduction is the best route forward for individuals and companies. Offsetting plays a very important supporting role but should only be considered after you have done everything to reduce your footprint to the minimum. 

Our projects will enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy as they include strong social and biodiversity benefits on a local basis in addition to carbon sequestration.

OxTreeGen is committed to carbon offsetting and tree planting projects that are based within the UK and “local” to you.  We want you to engage in the carbon debate and get involved by doing something on your doorstep that will hopefully make it more meaningful and also offer advice and tools to reduce their emissions.

OxTreeGen is UK based with full, independent audited visibility. What does this mean? Well it means that at the end of each planting season an independent auditor will check that each tree purchased has been planted and will issue a statement to that effect giving you total confidence that you really did do something special.

Why tree planting in the UK?

We wanted to do something locally. Everything feels more relevant when you bring things closer to home where you can be directly involved and see the benefits. Planting trees is a wonderful thing to do that gives more benefit than just carbon offset. We love the idea of walking with the grandchildren in 30 years time through the woods we have planted knowing that we have made a difference!

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