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Random Tree Planting Pictures In Oxfordshire with OxTreeGen

Happy OxTreeGen Customers Planting trees in Oxfordshire

OxTreeGen Planting Trees In Oxfordshire with Manor Flooring

OxTreeGen...... Broken Spade!!

Dan and James from Manor Flooring help plant 350 trees.

They encourage their customers to plant a tree to help offset the wooden floors. 

RUH Bath tree planting

11 Silver Birch planted for NHS Sustainability Day, donated by Capita Membership Services who are working wth RUH Bath to increase the Trust membership and convert as many members as possible to electronic mailings by planting a tree with OxTreeGen for every 10 that convert.


Abacus Lighting have announced Carbon Neutral options on their entire product range. Abacus’ Green Commitment has always been based around using light efficiently and effectively. As part of their ongoing Green Commitment the scope is being increased to include offering customers the ability to have a Carbon Neutral lighting system for the first 12 months of operation.

Marketing Director, Ian Smith, commented. “Our customers demand a lighting system which is high performing whilst being as environmentally conscious as possible, for both LED and traditional lighting technology. We are delighted to be able to provide them with a great solution where the Carbon saved becomes their property”.

Tree Planting With OxTreeGen

Businessmen and women donned their wellies to plant trees in Lower Radley, Oxfordshire.  

Companies who have been working with OxTreeGen to reduce their carbon emissions attended the annual OxTreeGen out door networking event to enjoy a bacon sandwich and get thier hands dirty planting some trees. 152 trees were planted at the networking event, a mixture of Ash, Silver Birch, Sycamore and Oak.

Click here to read more


Go Green on Your Event at Four Pillars Hotels
with the Event Carbon Footprint Calculator

Companies concerned about the effect of their carbon footprint when it comes to hosting events and conferences need no longer worry about compromising their CSR principles.  Four Pillars Hotels has devised a solution for clients to offset their delegates’ additional travel and energy use, through a partnership with OxTreeGen (who offer sustainable woodlands in the UK) to mitigate the effect of an event’s carbon footprint, by calculating what it would take to make the event carbon neutral and then planting the requisite number of trees.

For more information on how the Four Pillars are working with OxTreeGen

in2events going in2thewoods

in2events planting trees with OxTreeGen

Computer Information Systems go Carbon Neutral!

Oxfordshire based Computer Information Systems Ltd (CIS) have mitigated their entire operation annual carbon footprint by planting trees in the UK through OxTreeGen.

CIS is a virtualisation expert – specialising in Cloud technology. Their fully hosted platform called VBubble allows scalable growth of a customer’s IT infrastructure and removes the need for hardware on site – thus reducing energy use and therefore associated costs. 

Richard Marsh, director of CIS Ltd commented “It is important to us to make sure we are reducing our impact on the environment with everything we do. We sell a very green technology in Cloud Computing and are always looking at ways to reduce both our impact and the impact of our customers IT equipment, Cloud Certainly does this. Being carbon neutral to us seemed like the next logical step and we are pleased to be able to tell customers we are neutral, it also helps them win awards in their verticals, recently a customer who hosts on our cloud was voted in the Sunday Times top 100 green companies of 2011.”

Get involved and create healthier lives through tree sponsorship in the NHS Forest

The NHS Forest has today opened its national Tree Sponsorship Scheme to the public, making it possible for anyone in the UK to sponsor a tree in their local NHS Forest sites. The NHS Forest creates recuperative forests throughout the NHS to aid patient recovery, boost staff morale, provide areas where patients can come to terms with their condition and enable us all to reconnect with “our NHS”. Click here to find out more.



Clinton Cards help “Heal” the wounded and the environment.


In a first for the British High Street, Clinton Cards now offer the Help for Heroes tree dedication gift card which supports our service men and women as well as the environment.

OxTreeGen has produced a gift card available at Clintons Cards for online for just £10 with £2.13 of each sale going directly to the Help for Heroes. OxTreeGen is supporting the charity Help for Heroes (H4H) by developing a Living Legacy of newly planted trees in the United Kingdom as a symbol of support and to raise much needed funds. These gift cards are a first in the High Street. Each card sold will go towards helping improve the environment as well as raising funds for a fantastic cause.

Bryn Parry, CEO and Co-Founder ‘H4H are delighted that OxTreeGen are supporting us with this fantastic idea. H4H is all about ‘doing your bit’ and the Living Legacy is certainly original! It’s great to be involved in something that is beneficial...... to read more about how OxTreeGen are supporting Help for Heroes click here.



STL Comms joins the Olly-Wood Campaign


STL Communications has launched a campaign to collect old mobile phones from its staff, customers and local businesses and to swap them for a tree.  For each old mobile phone STL collects, a tree will be planted and managed in Oxfordshire as part of the OLLY-Wood campaign.

As part of its commitment to the environment, STL is supporting the OLLY-Wood initiative the brain child of OxTreeGen Ltd, to plant Oxfordshire’s Living Legacy Yellows Wood in conjunction with Oxford United and Oxford University, investing in Oxfordshire’s environmental future. The handsets themselves will be recycled or the components reused in accordance with government legislation.

STL has set a target of collecting 500 trees and is encouraging local company’s and organisations, to get their staff, pupils, family and friends involved by bringing in any old mobile phones they have at home.

Brendon Cross, STL’s managing director, commented, “Apparently there are an estimated 32 million unused mobile phones in the UK – some of which must be lurking in drawers, boxes or cupboards in Oxfordshire! The OLLY-Wood campaign prevents old mobiles from going to landfill and provides the county with a living legacy woodland.” 

STL has a collection point at its offices on Station Lane, opposite Sainsburys, or people can pop the handsets in an envelope and send it to FREEPOST RSRJ-LGUU-CYXA, OxTreeGen, Park House, Station Lane, WITNEY OX28 4LF

OxTreeGen Partner with the Bridgestone 2011 Eco Rally.

OxTreeGen"We all know that our cars and the energy they use to get us around play a huge part in releasing harmful emissions into the atmosphere. We also know that most of us cannot live without them."
The 2011 Bridgestone Eco-Rally will be partially carbon-offset by Fone Twigs and OxTreeGen who are working towards creating new woodlands on sites throughout the UK.

On event day, spectators can bring their old mobile phones to collection bins in Broad Street, Oxford and The Mall in London.

OxTreeGen will double your carbon offset by not only recycling your mobile phone but using the funds generated from this process to plant a tree on your behalf. Just one tree will offset almost one tonne of carbon during its lifetime.










Dreamcarhire.com, putting down roots for the future:

Simon Thrussell, Managing Director of Dreamcarhire.com comments on their new green initiative.

I am acutely aware that the very nature of our business and the products we use are not exactly environmentally friendly...that may be an understatement, in fact it is.

I have to be honest here and state that in the past three years numerous people have cluttered my office to make money out of SME's from what is a serious global issue... that in itself is not a problem, but the normal patter goes along the lines of if you pay me a ridiculous consultancy fee I will tell you your carbon footprint.....then we can go and put some windmills in a place that I have never heard of and believe me I am well travelled.

In other words we would not have a full understanding of where or what our investment is being placed into.  That concerns me.

That changed three weeks ago when Mark Lay walked into my office from a locally based Oxfordshire organisation called OxTreeGen Ltd www.oxtreegen.com

A couple of facts:

  • It takes an oak tree 300 years to grow 300 years to rest and 300 years to gradually die

  • When you leave electrical products on standby they still use 86% of there normal power

  • 1 tree absorbs 1 tonne of carbon over its lifetime

I could go on with a list... some of which are startling to say the least.

I have wanted for sometime to implement a simple but also cost effective solution that allows our business to offset its entire carbon production, and actually be able to track our investment and also allow our customers to partake if they so wish.

The guys at OxTreeGen made it very simple indeed, within two weeks after providing data on our fleet and business activities, we were looking at a number !!!

342 tonnes per year

Ok a Boeing 747-300 fully loaded will turn something like that out in a single return trip. 

However we also recognise our output is high. So what are we doing to offset that?

We are going to plant 350 trees within project areas in the UK, areas designated specifically for the pruspose of forest development for generations to come.  We will then continue to do so on an ongoing basis in the future.

Is that just to make us feel better ?

No, absolutely not, it is to make our contribution to the protection of our environment not for us but for the future generations to come, we all take a lot from our environment and this is about us putting something back in.

Admittedly cars are now producing the lowest levels of emissions ever through the use of fuels and engineering technology nevertheless they continue to produce Carbon emissions.

The nice thing about the programme with OXTREEGEN is that as I stated above, we can also involve our customers by offering them the opportunity to do the same thing when they hire from us.

Shortly our entire fleet will be carrying little stickers in the top corner of the front screen to identify our new programme, so now our customers will know what those little stickers mean !!



OxTreeGen Planting trees for future generations with Fitzharrys School, Abingdon.

Fitzharrys School Council have teamed up with Fone Twigs to recycle old and unwanted mobile phones. Not only are the old phones recycled in an environmentally friendly way, but for every phone received a tree will be planted thus helping to create new woodlands on sites throughout the UK. The aim is to create bio-diverse habitats that will help to reduce Co2 and provide enjoyment future generations to come.

To find out more visit Fitzharrys and OxTreeGen tree planting

OxTreeGen and Against Breast Cancer planting the first living legacy Trees

On Wednesday 23rd March Against Breast Cancer and OxTreeGen planted the first tree in their Living Legacy Woodland project. All the guys from the office made the short trip to the field to launch our campaign. For each Against Breast Cancer product sold, we donate £2.13 to the charity and also plant a tree in our living legacy woodland. Why not have a look, they could make the perfect Mothers Day or Easter present. Visit our shop

OxTreeGen and Against Breast Cancer Planting their first living legacy tree















OxTreeGen have had a launch week of our Fone Twigs campaign, turning old mobile phones into trees. Check out this video to see more....


West Oxford Business Awards

The gala dinner was a carbon-neutral event. Witney company OxTreeGen calculated the carbon use, including travel, and offset it by planting trees.

Read more


We are soon to launch our Climate Week campaign to plant 2011 trees to celebrate the week. 

OxTreeGen Fonetwigs campaign 


Making the West Witney Business Awards (WOBA) carbon neutral. OxTreeGen has calculated the carbon usage associated with the event including the travel of the prominent Oxfordshire business people as well as the 24 finalists. OxTreeGen is offsetting the event by planting trees in the Oxfordshire countryside.......

OxTreeGen working with WOBA


STL Communications has become a member of OXCRI, the OxTreeGen Carbon Reduction Initiative. OXCRI recognises organisations that have made a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint.......

STL Comms and OxTreeGen



Working with the Ridgeway Partnership to plant trees........

Find out how OxTreeGen and Ridgeway are working together


Gloucester, reducing their carbon footprint.....

Find out how


STL Comms sign up with OxTreeGen to become carbon Neutral....

STL and OxTreeGen planting trees







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