OLLY - Wood with OxTreeGen

Oxford United and Oxford University have partnered with Fone Twigs to launch a campaign to create, OLLY-Wood, new woodlands in Oxfordshire.  OLLY-Wood represents the people’s passion and support for all things Oxfordshire, from symbolising an undying faith to Oxford United through to businesses wanting to invest in Oxfordshire’s environmental future.

OLLY-Wood stands for Oxfordshire’s Living Legacy Yellows-Wood. The name OLLY-Wood came about through the support the campaign has received from Oxford United Chairman Kelvin Thomas. Kelvin Thomas comments “This is an inspiring campaign that helps us build a symbol of our support for Oxford United and Oxfordshire”.

Fone Twigs is a service provided by a Witney based company, Oxtreegen, who recycle mobile phones and plant a tree for every phone they receive. Fone Twigs is a not-for-profit organisation, who recognise that we all have old mobiles sat in our homes and we need to avoid putting them in landfill when there is a perfectly good alternative.


The current Founding members, known as Woodland Leaders:

Oxford United, Oxford University, Blake Lapthorn, STL Communications, AEA Technology, Dreamcarhire.com and Green Acountancy.

Membership of the OLLY-Wood is for everyone and each level of involvement has it’s own title:

  • Woodland Leader
  • Woodland Captain
  • Vice Captain
  • Striker
  • Playmaker
  • Woodland Player
  • Woodland Supporter


The achievement levels are matched to the number of trees the member has planted, these totals are accumulative so that over time small businesses and individuals can become Playmakers and Strikers for team OLLY-Wood.



Do something great today, turn your old mobile phones into trees

There are serveral ways to get your old handsets to us.

Send them direct to us, dont forget to included your details if you want us to send you a certificate back


OxTreeGen Ltd
Park House
Station Lane
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