Green Business Telecommunications from
STL, the home of GreenMinutes

Low carbon telephone and telecommunications systems can reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

GreenMinutes is an environmentally friendly and responsible carbon neutral telephony service that is combined with some of the most competitive telephone call rates in the UK.
Making a telephone call generates a small but significant amount of carbon due to the power used by the telecoms provider’s core network switching and cooling equipment used to route your telephone call. 

STL works closely with Gamma Telecom, whose next generation voice network is fully digitally switched and uses significantly less power overall than BT's (98% less in fact!) The carbon cost of each minute is offset using the Carbon Neutral Company, to support genuine eco projects around the world.

STL’s GreenMinutes go beyond just carbon offsetting the cost of the telephone calls themselves. We offer a range of additional free environmentally friendly features that help GreenMinutes customers work greener within their own organisations. GreenMinutes is an easy way of ticking another box to let your customers know that you are doing all you can to help protect the environment!



STL Communications Ltd has registered as Carbon Neutral with OxTreeGen.


In the past STL have worked to reduce their impact on the environment on a day to day basis and offset the balance by purchasing carbon credits that fund overseas projects, such as hydro electric etc. There is obviously a benefit to this but is so far removed from what happens here in Oxford that the message of reducing and offsetting can be lost.


STL were looking for an alternative way to address this problem, but were keen to still have a positive impact on the environment.  STL contacted OxTreeGen who have provided a solution that result in the same amount of carbon being offset but on a local basis and with around a 30% reduction on what they had been spending.


We have planted 260 trees on behalf of STL Communications within the Oxfordshire country side. Each tree, over its life time will absorb circa 1 tonne of CO2 locking up carbon in the timber and soil. Each tree starts removing CO2 from the atmosphere as soon as it has been planted, helping the fight against climate change. 




The first STL planted tree

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