We are a multidisciplinary design agency who take exceptional pride in creating individual creative solutions through innovative design. With distinguished expertise in the design industry and a proven capability in intelligent sustainable solutions, we have over twenty years of experience delivering highly effective projects for public and private sector clients.

Our experienced team has a comprehensive range of skills across a broad range of disciplines; projects range from interpretative and interactive exhibitions and gallery designs through to branding and graphics.

We take our environmental and social responsibilities very seriously. In all our business operations we are working to ensure that we meet our present needs without compromising the future of the environment.

We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and recognise that our work has both direct and indirect consequences. We actively promote sustainable development internally and share environmentally friendly solutions with our clients; we endeavour to pass these principles on through our supply chain. Wherever possible we always source environmentally sound materials.

Proud to be ISO 14001 accredited, we ensure that all our business operations adhere to the international standard. Environmental audits are completed for each project to assess the impact and ensure that we are using the most environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Within our Environmental Management System we monitor waste production, recycling, energy usage, as well as the transportation of staff and equipment globally.

If you would like to find out more about IGNITION and how they may help you realise a sustainable solution for your design requirements, please contact: hello@ignitiondg.com