has teamed up with OxTreeGen to plant trees in the U.K.

Every product ordered from is delivered by a courier, and the vehicles they use have a negative impact on climate change. Therefore we’ve taken the decision to plant 5 trees a month in the U.K. to mitigate the carbon footprint these deliveries create. 

Planting trees is a great way to support the local environment. Trees absorb carbon, cool the earth, create eco-systems, reduce flood risk and Woodlands are fantastic recreational areas too. is a leading supplier of Visual Communication products in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Our products include Poster Frames & Snap Frames, Menu Stands & Cases, A Boards & Pavement Signs, Light Boxes & Columns, Lockable Noticeboards, Brochure & Literature stands,  Fabric & Cork covered Noticeboards as well as the Whiteboards and Flipchart Easels we’re famous for.

The vast majority of our products are available from stock, and all of our prices include delivery and VAT so no extra charges are added when you check out.

We offer instant accounts to Schools, Universities, NHS, Housing Associations, Councils and any Government Dept. Please call 01234 711959 for details.

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Tel: 01234 711959

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 Simply type "OxTreeGen" into our Redemption Code box when checking out to receive an instant 5% reduction on your order.