dBwebdesigns offers website design and  development, and was founded in 2008 by myself, Debra Butler. I set out creating sites using Dreamweaver by coding in HTML & CSS, I added enhancements by implementing Java Scripts, light boxes and creating my own illustrations. After an exciting 3 years I am now using a mixture of HTML and other web development platforms.

I am always keen to provide the most suitable platform to meet my clients requirements and in terms of content, I make sure every element of a site is relevant and that it is compatible with all major search engines.
Services that we provide:

  • Bespoke website design
  • Website development
  • Hosting packages
  • Domain
  • Website edits (even if we didn't build it)
  • Word development and training.

Me and OxTreeGen
I was really excited when I met Mark Lay from OxTreeGen and could not believe how simple it was to help the environment not only in business but on a personal level. Being a mum with 2 children and running a business it's always great to get out into the fresh air and trying to encourage our children take care of our environment. Through the continued support of my clients and husband I was delighted when we made the decision that for every website I build I would plant a tree with OxTreeGen.. It feels good to know you're doing your bit. 

website design, development, hosting and domains providing services to small businesses and organisations in and around Oxfordshire area

Contact us to find out how your website can be transformed:

Debra Butler
t: 07900 933 357 
twitter: debs_webs


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