Flying with the Eagles....

On 20th October 2010, Ron Mutton, decided to go on an adventure across some of the most breathtaking views of India to raise funds for the very worthy Help for Heroes Charity.  Little did Ron know this adventure wouldn’t quite turn out as planned.  Ron documented his extraordinary journey via a diary.  This can be purchased for £5 by clicking here.    

On most of my journeys around the world I try to keep a record of day to day activities- just written on small pads or tiny diaries giving information on my travels to interesting and especially unusual places meeting fascinating people leading what is normal to them but totally intriguing to us- for instance as you travel up and up into The Himalayas around each corner within a five mile distance cultures, traditions and style, basic architecture- the way they hang washing can change dramatically.

Remember 100% of the money from each sale is donated to Help for Heroes.

Flying with the Eagles Download
OxTreeGen Flying with the Eagles Download
Flying with the Eagles Hard Copy
OxTreeGen Flying with the Eagles Hard Copy