Turning old phones into Trees 

To be involved in the Fones4Forests activity we have a couple of simple steps we need everyone to go through so that we can measure the take up and success of the campaign.  Getting your business, school, college or hospital involved couldn't be easier, simply follow the steps below and start collecting. 

Step 1

Step 2

Simply grab an old cardboard box and stick a couple of posters to it, almost cost free and a great way to re-use the box. We suggest having the collection box at reception so that someone is always there to explain the campaign but also for security reasons. 
Donation process:
  • Clearly write the name, email address and on an envelope (re-use old ones if you can). 
  • (Each donor receives a tree sponsorship certificate with their name, location of tree and tree type planted)
  • Place the phone or sat nav system inside the envelope
  • Drop the envelop into the collection box.
  • Once Climate Week has finished on 18th March or there are over 50 phones, seal the box and contact OxTreeGen on:

info@oxtreegen.com or call (free phone) 0808 178 0703 
Don't forget you can repeat the process all year to keep contributing to the NHS Forest.
Click to print a poster in 
support of Fones4forests
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support of the NHS
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support of the Green
Office Week

Click on the posters above and start turning your old mobile phones into trees today with Fones4forests