Why Recycle with Fones4forests

First some Facts:

  • Each tree planted will sequester and lock up approximately 1 tonne of carbon throughout its life

  • Over 75% of electrical waste ends up in landfill where toxins from the components are contaminating soil and our water

  • Over 20 million handsets will be upgraded in the UK this year aloneOn average, each UK household is home to 4 unused and unwanted handsets



Scary, huh? Fones4forests, with the assistance of OxTreeGen, aim to educate and assist individuals in reducing their carbon footprint. Fone Twigs works to substantially reduce the number of mobile phones that are sent to landfill sites. Mobile phones, especially batteries, contain several dangerous metals, including lead, cadmium, lithium and mercury.

Re-use and recycling helps protect the environment and save natural resources.

At Fones4forests we are proud that we can reduce your impact on the planet  by not only recycling your mobile phone but using the funds generated from the process to plant a tree on your behalf. 

The average person in the UK generates approximately 10 tonnes of Co2 per year. By following our simple tips and recycling your mobile phone with Fones4forests you could help reduce your footprint by up to 25%.

Fones4forests is managed by OxTreeGen. 



Old envelopes as plant pots for new trees